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Fatoumata (patient) went through a tough labor and delivery. She was taken to the Ahmadiyya Hospital at about 11 am, where she was first attended to by the head nurse on duty. She was given a bed, and the nurse, who was watching TV in the living room, assessed her at 15 minutes intervals. The patient complained of severe back pain and headache. The nurse gave her IV drips and told her that she was a woman and should be strong. The patient’s family was not happy with the nurse’s attitude of indifference, short answers and refusal to stay with the patient at their request. A second nurse, who was a lot friendlier than the first, joined the team. The head nurse later said that her time was up and that she was leaving. She stated that “MAYBE” another nurse will join the team. A third nurse joined later to help, while the patient was in agony and waiting for the baby to arrive. Then came Alhagie. He assessed the patient and gave her more IV drips, then coached her through the birthing process.

After the baby arrived, the patient was exhausted, and her husband went to buy her food. Her sister started noticing that she was bleeding heavily. She quickly called Alhagie and the other nurses. They came and assessed the patient and said that she will be fine. The patient’s hands, face, and legs turned pale (white). Her sister and the nurses were focused on cleaning the bed and putting on fresh sheets. At that point, the patient was semi-conscious. Alhagie and two other nurses on the team stated that it was their closing time and that they were leaving. The family cried for them to stay and not leave them alone. The care team stated that the patient will be fine. Alhagie took the patient’s mother to the side and stated, “due to the tough labor, we will keep the patient overnight and discharge her tomorrow”. He also told the patient’s mother that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was the cause of all the complications that the patient had and that the practice should be stopped.

15 minutes later, the patient was not responding at all. Her sister went to the living room to get help. She saw two healthcare personnel and asked them to come and assess the patient. One of the two personnel came to assess the patient and put an IV drip for her. The other personnel came later and noticed that the patient’s condition was very bad. The patient was quiet. Her eyes, hands and legs were all very pale (white). She placed her hand on the patient’s stomach to assess. A lot of thick blood came out. She called for the patient’s husband, who had gone out to buy food, to come quickly with the car so that she can be rushed to Serekunda Hospital. At his arrival, the patient was put in the car. Due to slow traffic, it took them a while to get to the hospital. Upon arrival, the patient was still not responding. Following assessment, the patient was pronounced dead.

May her soul rest in peace.

As Narrated by Mr. Yunus Hydara.


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